1 Mediation agreement

Q1-1 Under the JCAA mediation rules, can the parties use the languages other than Japanese during the mediation proceedings?

A. Yes. The parties can select any languages for use in the mediation proceedings.


2 Request for Mediation

Q2-1 How the applicant submit its request for mediation?

A. The applicant can submit to the JCAA its request for mediation accompanying any documents to the JCAA by courier, email or any other resonable means. Where the applicant submits the request by email or any electoronic means, the JCAA may request the applicant to submit the sufficient number of hard copies of the request to the JCAA.

[Email to JCAA Head Office] mediation@jcaa.or.jp

[Email to JCAA Osaka Office] mediation-osaka@jcaa.or.jp


Q2-2 Can the parties jointly request for mediation?

A Yes. The parties are invited to discuss in advance and agree on the process of mediator appointment or the process of conducting the mediation process, by which the mediation proceedings will run more smoothly.


3 Appointment of Mediator

Q3-1 How would the mediator be appointed at the JCAA mediation?

A. Please see Step 2 in “Mediation Proceedings”.


4 Mediation proceedings

Q4-1 How the mediation session would be organized?

A. Though it will depend on the parties preference, especially in international cases, the mediation session will usually be held in consecutive days .


Q4-2 Is there any time limit for concluding the mediation proceedings at the JCAA mediation?

A. Yes. Under the JCAA mediation rules, the mediation proceedings terminate after three months pass from the date of appointment of mediator. Of course, the parties can agree on extending the time limit or on setting a shorter time limit.