Why JCAA mediation


Speedy Resolution

Under the JCAA Commercial Mediation Rules, the mediation proceedings will in principal be concluded within 3 months from the appointment of mediator.


Experienced Mediators

JCAA’s mediator list has over 200 candidates. JCAA will assist the parties to appoint a mediator by recommending the appropriate mediators for each case.


Timely and Thorough Support

JCAA will support the parties and mediator throughout the course of the mediation proceedings, including from timely response to the parties’ inquiries about JCAA mediation and appointment of mediator to arrangement for meeting rooms and necessary facilities for mediation session.


New Mediation Rules (2020)

JCAA’s new Commercial Mediation Rules has come into force on February 1, 2020. JCAA Rules provide several options that the parties may consider when they discuss how the mediation proceeding should be conducted. JCAA Rules also contain the detailed rules regarding admissibility of evidence presented during the mediation proceedings.


→see Commercial Mediation Rules


Handling Wide Range of Amounts in Dispute

The amounts in dispute at JCAA mediation have covered from 1,000USD to 1 billion USD.